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    Is there any interest in creating a Bearcat News Facebook page to supplement this forum? It's not easy to organize FB posts into separate threads, so it would not in any way replace this site. Or are many of the Bearcatnews members already tied into one or another of the various Bearcat FB groups?
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    There are some Bearcats groups out there on both FB and on Reddit already but not one associated with the board.

    I have a couple of concerns there in that the name of the site is copyrighted and I don't own that so I can't really recommend doing it. I'm not sure the owner of the site would approve of the use of the name. The name is actually already in use on a lot of other sites like Instagram etc. by a couple of high schools. The other concern is Facebook has a real names policy so you would be to giving up anonimity to post in a group there.

    Personally for me the issue is Facebook is effectively dying out right now, slowly but surely, as everyone realizes what a cluster it is. The site and ad network are extremely intrusive on your privacy and I can't honestly even recommend it to anyone in good conscience at this point. The C suite folks there have lost control of their Frankenstein's monster IMO. If a group pops up, I won't be administrating it as I'm trying to get off the site as much as possible. If it weren't for HS and UC Alumni groups, I would no longer be there at all. It's jumped the shark.

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      I deleted my Facebook account two years ago. I have never regretted it, even one moment. Yes, my HS and UC alumni groups use it as well, but I keep in contact with others who have Facebook accounts who keep me informed of events happening. But, I would have no interest in forming a Facebook group.


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