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NCAA bans fans at Div 3 Conference Tourney in Maryland

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  • NCAA bans fans at Div 3 Conference Tourney in Maryland

    Wasn't ready to put this in the basketball forum just yet. The NCAA just banned spectators from Division 3 conference tournament games in Maryland due to proximity of corona-virus. This will be something to keep an eye on as March Madness events happen nationwide with people from multiple countries in attendance. The games will go on, but will anyone be there in person?
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    I contemplated posting something about this in regards to the AAC men's tourney after I said something on Twitter. There are currently no documented cases of COVID-19 in North Texas. There are currently 3 students at UT-Arlington that are quarantined because they recently returned from South Korea. That's it. The entire state has 5 confirmed cases and none are in this region of Texas.

    A lot can change in 24 hours much less a week and if you haven't already made your travel arrangements for Forth Worth, I would seriously suggest you spend a little extra and book refundable reservations and so you don't lose it all if the conference opts to not have fans attend. It's my understanding that travel insurance does not compensate you for an issue like this.

    As far as the Women's tourney goes, if you're headed to the Mohegan Sun, you're probably at higher risk than coming to DFW at this point becuase they do have cases in the NYC tristate area.

    If you're anxious about the whole thing here are some links you can trust. My only comment is that the CDC numbers are going to be low because of testing restrictions in the US.

    These are the official government numbers per the CDC :

    Here is a heat map of the known cases worldwide from Johns Hopkins. :

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