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  • UC clothing and jerseys available

    Since a lot of you don't know except from here,You probably don't know I buy a lot of UC gear. I'm one of these consumer idiots that buys the newest golf shirt and jerseys almost every year or as soon as they change them. I'm also somewhat of a clothes packrat and recently had to really clean out my closet.

    If anyone is interested in souvenir Bowl Game T-Shirts dating back to the 2000 Motor CIty Bowl up to the 2014 Miltary Bowl let me know. I've got almost all of them. They're in various states of wear. Some of the recent ones have been worn maybe once at most. I also have a couple of C-USA era Basketball Tourney shirts from US Bank and Freedom Hall. All shirts are XL

    On the golf shirt side, I have a whole series of Adidas football sideline polos from the Kelly/Jones eras. These are in pretty good shape. Also, XL

    Just to be clear I'm NOT selling these. I'd prefer to donate them but it would look a little odd to see random locals walking around Dallas in UC gear. So, I thought I'd offer them up before they meet their end.

    If you're interested in anything, send me a private message on here or drop me an email @ Bearcatnews1 at gmail dot com

    Also, If you're interested in purchasing an Adidas InfraRed basketball tourney jersey and shorts from the SK era, drop me a line. The jerseys (2) are black and one has the weird shirt sleeves on it. The shorts are white and have that crazy Zebra stripes pattern thing on them. These are replicas and NOT game worn jerseys from players. (and No, I'm not throwing these way)

    Again, everything is XL.

    Brent Wyrick
    92 Final Four Front Row

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