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    You'll have to read down a bit, but the author is predicting AAC schools will not sign GOR and will renew the ESPN package for 8M apiece, up from 2M, but below the 10M goal.

    He specifically cites the desires of UC & UCF to bolt.

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    How he didn't mention Houston is puzzling; they specifically mentioned the hiring of Dana H was to position them for a bolt. But yes, no AAC GOR.


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      Of course the big question is whether the contract is worth more with a GOR in place. If that's the case then the question is how much more and how long is the term of the GOR. Would a GOR work if the financial package was raised? I'm no longer interested in the Big 12, so I'd be willing to listen if enough money is offered.


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        I'm thinking any GoR that goes past 2023/2024 would be a terrible move for all the schools in the conference. Next round of realignment should happen then as multiple conferences have expiring TV deals around that time. Also the current TV deal for the American doesn't expire until 2020. Seems like anyone signing GoR before that date isn't paying attention.
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