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    Apparently the NCAA passed a resolution today stating that Staudent Atheletes that wish to transfer can do so whenever they want and schools can't restrict their destination. They no longer need permission from the school and the school has 2 business days to enter them into a national database after declaring their intent at which time other schools can then contact them. This starts in October 2018. Should be interesting. I hope the tampering penalty for a school that jumps the gun is really bad.
    Brent Wyrick
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    Are we talking all sports? and is there a period they have to sit out or immediate eligibility? This could be a disaster if there aren't some enforceable guidelines. Add this to the new gambling laws and corruption like we have never seen awaits college athletics.


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      Here's the text of the NCAA's announcement. There is no mention of the need (or lack) of a transfer sit-out year. It does address sanctions for tampering (Level 2 violation).


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