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  • Mike Slive Passes

    I struggled on where to put this (should it have been under Conference Realignment?) but former Great Midwest and ConferenceUSA commissioner Mike Slive has died at 77. He retired as SEC commissioner and is being hailed for all his accomplishments, but this sentence from the AP says all I need to decide how I feel about him - "Slive also played a major part in ushering in a new governance model for the NCAA in which the SEC and the other four most powerful and wealthy conferences were given autonomy to create and pass legislation."

    And thereafter UC among many other fine institutions have been screwed.

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    He went on to some great things and did his job for his new employers. It's sad to learn he has passed. Though he created the P-5 in current format, please recall he tried to do something similar in the early 90's. He was behind a move to create a 16 team super-conference with conference network, but RayCom turned down the proposal. Had it been successful, the landscape of major college athletics would've included UC and this was at a time whne the Southwest Conference was still a thing and the ACC was pretty much basketball only like the Big East...coulda, woulda, shoulda, tried and denied.

    My respects to Slive and his family.
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