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  • ISO: Bearcat Memorabilia

    1. Thanks for the add.
    2. Felt good to finally win the close one last night. The Uconn-UC rivalry is severely underrated.

    Ok, now down to business. I am looking for Men's basketball memorabilia, specifically 1991-2010(been able to keep up from then till present) and mainly old schedule posters. Also, anything from the 92 season. I've amassed a huge collection even after downsizing. I've contacted the University, Ebay, Craigslist and other forums but it's a tough find. So thought I'd give this a shot. If you have anything you are looking to unload, let me know and what you might want for it. I can't pay a fortune for a poster that was once given away free or that you can get now for $8 shipped but I understand their scarcity and will compensate for them. I also have a few extras from some years that I would be willing to trade as well as some cards in UC unis. Appreciate any help or if you know of anyone who might have the items I seek. I've tried attaching a photo of a small part of my collection but keeping getting an error message.


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    Let me comb through my closet. I might have some stuff for you.
    Brent Wyrick
    92 Final Four Front Row


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      Greatly appreciated.


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        Bumping for a new season in case anyone has acquired or is looking to unload any schedule posters or etc.

        Also if any season ticket holders would be willing to sell their used ticket stubs at the end of the year please let me know. Missed out on tickets this year when they decided to put together a nice layout. I'd also be willing to pay the transfer fee to digital download in order to keep the sheet intact w/ the 92 photo. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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          Bumping this after accumulating some schedule posters over the years. I currently stand at needing only the 1992/93 season poster to have every one from 1988-present. Anyone happen to have one laying around they don’t want or can even take a photo so I know what it looks like?


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