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NCAA Governance of CFB

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  • NCAA Governance of CFB

    Greg Sankey, the SEC commish, seems to think he should more autonomy and not less even as we veer toward a more inclusive playoff scenario in football. I'd invite you to read this column from Stewart Mandel. . ($).
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    More autonomy, but not P5 splitting from NCAA to form it's own "League". You're going to have to have some semblance of uniformity, otherwise the Koch endowment at witchita State might buy 7-9 5star basketball players every year who were previously paid by the pro team in Lexington. In theory, boosters cannot enter into NIL agreements with players at schools to which they are boosters. Other than that, it is open season on marketing opportunities. The 5 star true freshman QB will make more money than the 3 star senior LB who starts, but splits time at the position. The reality is, that QB will likely have a larger following, i.e. market impact. While each conference may have autonomy to act, I think there will be layers of conferences banded together with similar interests and goals, possibly meaning that FBS FB schools may have a set of rules for FB players, and Div 1 basketball schools may have another set of rules. It won't always be sport specific, rather level of competition. At minimum, I think the 10 FBS schools may stop scheduling lower level schools to garner more exposure for players and programs.

    Quoted from the Athletic article:
    "A potential Power 5 breakaway, while headline-grabbing, is probably not realistic, given how frequently those schools compete against other Division I programs in a wide variety of sports. But some sort of Major College Football confederation, composed of the 130 FBS schools, is entirely plausible. And as Andy Staples wrote in January, an umbrella organization for just such a thing already exists: It’s called the College Football Playoff.

    While the NCAA technically sponsors FBS football, the sport’s postseason is administered by an outside organization managed by the 10 conferences and Notre Dame. And with their pending proposal for a 12-team format, the CFP will soon likely generate more annual revenue than all 90 NCAA championships combined."
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