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    There's been some snippets of discussion in some threads that hope Evan Prater sees the field some this season (aside from his cup of coffee late in the APSU game). That appears unlikely based on CLF's comments on his radio show tonight. Prater is the primary scout team QB. He's being groomed, not only on how to play D1 QB, but development of his leadership skills; how he controls the huddle, for instance.

    Let's hope that Des plays as well as he did Saturday throughout the rest of the season and that he doesn't get hurt. If he does, Ben Bryant is Next Man In. If the QB situation gets any thinner than that, ;this season's in jeopardy.

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    He's not ready to play D1 regardless. He needs to get bigger. He'd get killed out there right now. Needed 20 to 25 lbs coming out of high school to physically compete with guys 22 and sometimes 23 years old. If both Des and Bryant went down Michael Lindhauer is in his second season here and although not as highly rated is both more physically ready, but also has a year of practice under his belt. I'm not sure there is any team in the country that isn't in trouble if they get down to 3 and 4 unexpectedly.
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      HAs anyone seen or heard of how Evan is progressing in practice? I am guess that Ben Bryant transferring has more to do with Ridder coming back for senior year than Evan taking over reins as backup. Is he hitting the weights? Is he making reads? How are his throwing and timing?

      I feel confident with these two guys being 1 and 1A next year, just saw that he was really not ready against Austin Peay and haven't seen or heard much since then.
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        No idea, but I do know that Lindauer was the #3 on the depth chart all year. I believe that Prater was going to be sitting out this year no matter what. It will be interesting to see what happens next year and if Bryant truly transfers. Just because he's in the portal doesn't mean he's gone (really good chance he's gone, but not certain). I think he would be looking for a starting position.


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          Here's a piece by Justin Williams ($) on the future of Evan Prater. Essentially, he's glad he has a chance to learn under Desmond Ridder and Gino Guidugli:


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