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Some SHINE for UC on CBS Sports !!

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  • Some SHINE for UC on CBS Sports !!

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    Blasphemy! LOL. I still think it will take a lot, but this year a lot could happen. For UC, Memphis is next and that's got to be the focus. It's nice to be where we are and speculate, but a lot of what if's have to go our way, and only if we take care of the opponents in front of us. The SEC, Big 10, and ACC will likely put forth an undefeated conference champion and Georgia/Florida/Texas A&M could still get in the Playoff along with Bama. Even if all goes well, Boise or BYU are also in the talk to represent G5. If UC takes care of business, I think our SOS outweighs both, but pundits still look at BYU as a step above G5, yet just below P5.

    Beat Memphis! Hope all of the other scenarios set us up. Our program shine will continue.
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