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2020-21 Eligibility

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  • 2020-21 Eligibility

    Not sure if this has been brought up on any board on this site yet or not, but I saw a few posts that makes me believe that maybe it hasn't. There will be a full extra year given to all fall sports athletes regardless of activity. This means our seniors get another year to play. All football players will get another year and we won't have to burn a redshirt for any freshmen. Additionally, this will not count against scholarship limits for the 21-22 school year. This is also going to happen for winter sports athletes, so it affects the basketball teams as well. Just an interesting wrinkle here in the world of college sports and Covid.
    The measure provides eligibility relief for all NCAA fall sports athletes regardless of activity this year

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    This essentially means that guys like Wiggins, Forest, Bryant, Ponder, Brooks, Harper, White, etc. all get to come back for next year.


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      I haven't dug into it, but anyone know if this counts as a red-shirt year? For example, if a current freshman is getting a lot of playing time, is he still allowed to red-shirt in the future (say next year) even by accepting this additional year of eligibility?


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        We did talk about this a little bit. I can’t remember what thread it was buried in off the top of my head. I think the Winter sports athletes getting another year is new. I know they were planning on a vote in the near future. The expectation is that it will get approved.

        Regardless of sport, some of these athletes who are seniors might not want to come back to school if they have their degrees in hand. In football, Wiggins in particular was expected to be a draft pick this year before he got hurt last spring. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Gardner leave early if the pro scouts think he’s ready.

        Coaches are probably tearing their hair out trying to figure out who to recruit for the next class with this going on.
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