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James Hudson's waiver denied

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    Here's another one to watch - Oliver Martin, a 6'1" WR from Iowa City, signed with Michigan, red shirting in 2017 and playing last year. Now he's transferred back to Iowa, where he always wanted to play, even though he spurned them when he had the chance for UM. He decide to come home in June, but is still waiting to get a final ruling on his wavier request.

    A part of me is rooting for him to be successful in his request, but there's the potential for my head to explode if his request is granted and James Hudson has to sit this year.


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      Evidently The Athletic had an article about this situation recently (yesterday?); the author (didn't get his name) said he talked to both HCs Fickell and UM's Harbaugh. The author was on with Maurice Egger yesterday at 4:20 PM (if you want to go back and listen); the conversation came around to Harbaugh said he was powerless in the Hudson situation. Overall the author (on the radio interview) made it sound like a 50-50 situation where UM could be right or UC could be right. Or, the NCAA could be totally to blame.

      This AP covered this story, written by Larry Lage; but I can't tell if he's got anything extra because it read as if he was paraphrasing The Athletic. But HC LF sort of comes off as the bad guy.

      Read it for yourself ===>


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        Also on ESPN front page now too. Harbaugh said Fickle wanted him to lie


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          Not sure if anyone saw James Hudson twitter today but he tweeted, “I just feel like the decision to rule me ineligible should be reversed here soon.” And then 3 hours later a Rutgers QB had his ruling reversed which made him eligible to play, James Hudson then replied to the tweet with the eyeballs emoji. It’s very possible he’s just being hopeful but there’s also the possibility that he’s hearing something going on behind the scenes. Only time will tell.


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            Harbaugh at Fickell ($) :

            Fickell at Harbaugh:

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