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  • SB Nation Cincinnati Preview

    Bill Connolley of SB Nation put out his annual review of UC. He seems really impressed with UC this year despite the tough schedule. The bad new that no one is going to want to hear is that they only give us a 13% probability to beat O$U. BUT, he was wrong about the way our overall season would go last year, so he may be wrong about that game too!
    Fickell’s Bearcats just exploded from 4-8 to 11-2. What happens if the offense figures things out?

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    It should read "when" the offense figures things out. A couple of missed throws and dropped passes separated them from being really good on offense. The running game will only improve as Warren was neck and neck with Doaks before Doaks' injury. Deguara is a beast. Geddis and one of the other young WRs will step up.

    I'm actually more concerned about the defense this year. I know we had a deep rotation, but losing 3 D-linemen to graduation is hard to replace. It will come down to how well can they perform in the trenches on both sides, but the O-linemen should be alright
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      I had heard somewhere that they limited Ridder's playbook because he wasn't good enough at check downs. They only had him looking to one side of the field each play. If he is able to improve that, it opens up a lot of the offense and things can explode.

      Defensively, I think we will be alright. We lost 3 starters on the line, but we have back a bunch of contributors. With Vann and Pitts and so many others putting in time and making plays early in their careers, I think this will be a solid year again. Not sure we have the depth there now, but I'm still not worried about it too much.


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