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  • Athlon ranks everybody

    Coming into spring, Athlon has ranked everyone in FBS.

    We come in at #30
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    Interesting short analysis of where the teams fall. I'm ok with us at 30. The bad is that 4 of our AAC teams are in the 100-130 range with UCONN sitting at 129. Should be a beat down on Homecoming. Our first two games this year are against UCLA at 52 and O$U at 5.


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      #30 looks good for UC, but my goodness, there as many AAC teams in the bottom 50 as the MAC and Sunbelt leagues!

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        Originally posted by Bearcat Chris View Post
        #30 looks good for UC, but my goodness, there as many AAC teams in the bottom 50 as the MAC and Sunbelt leagues!

        At the time the Big East imploded, this was the best we could do. We are committed to UC sports and that means building up our teams to do our part to strengthen the conference, but also keeping an eye out for a better dance partner. Conference affiliations were initially created tofoster a sibling rivalry within a family, i.e. you compete with each, you do your best to improve yourselves while sharpening skills that also improves the other; however, I got my brother's/sister's back outside of family/conference. It has turned into a money grab for large national fanbases and regional tv sets.

        We considered a truly national big conference including Sand Diego St, BYU, Air Force when the WAC fell apart.
        We lobbied hard that the Big 12 would go from 10 team to 12 AND include us.

        UC will continue to try to improve the AAC and work to get into a P-4 conference as the next round of tv contracts get renewed. Your post inspired me to revisit the build our own Super Conference idea. While the focus is on contracting the number of big payouts, maybe it's time to look for replacements of the lower tier FB schools. Could some of the top G5 schools form our own powerhouse conference. Strategically and intentionally attempt to schedule mid and lower level P4 schools to build as many Bowl eligible teams with one team having a legitimate shot at Playoff if undefeated. The media outlines (especially streaming services) are looking for more content, thus we could garner enough money to sway a Boise St, Utah St, or Fresno St. The possibility to get the military academies in one conference is intriguing. BYU and Noter Shame have their own networks so let's not even go there. Replace some of the lower tier AAC teams with regional teams. Marshall for E Carolina. La Tech for Tulane. N Texas, just because it's a very big state. App St, Ga Southern, etc... only schools committed to putting the best football team possible every single year.
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