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UC vs. Miami Rivalry ... and FBS vs. FCS

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  • UC vs. Miami Rivalry ... and FBS vs. FCS

    With regards to the UC-Miami rivalry and shutting it down, it's a heart vs. head issue.

    My heart says that would be a shame. UC needed a miracle to beat Miami last year and easily could have lost the last two contests. Not many rivalries out there that have been around since 1888. Travelling to Miami on a sun drenched September day is a fantastic experience, beautiful campus and stadium.

    However, my head says the financial implication of keeping Miami in may not work. I don't know the numbers but what I've read it could cost up to $600k more to play a MAC team at home vs. some lower tier school and to do a home/away contract is financial non-sense. However, with our non-P5 conference and our weak strength of schedule, having a Miami in your rotation - assuming they return to a quality program - seems beneficial.

    My bigger issue is FBS teams playing FCS teams. These make no sense other than financially as big home paydays for the FBS school and big guaranteed paychecks for the FCS team to typically (99% of the time) get a beat down. These are a travesty. The Big 10 will ban their schools from playing in these games starting next year and I think this should become the norm. When that happens games like the Miami - UC rivalry will make more sense. You won't be able to pay off some patsy to come into your house and whip them. These games should be eliminated altoghether, go back to 11 games a year, fans will see better games and MAC type schools will now be highly sought after games by bigger schools. An 11 game season would also open the door for an 8 team playoff system for the National Championship.

    What do you think?

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