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    I think the reason why Brannen was hired over other candidates was specifically that he was an offensive minded coach.

    I’m not sure who else Bohn interviewed off the top off my head but keep in mind we , as a fan base, had just spent 11 years bitching about a lack of functional offense on our team. Tradition or no tradition, we basically asked for this.

    Whether Brannen is right guy for the job and a good or bad hire remains to be seen. These are not normal times as far as coaching goes. No off-season, no in person recruiting, etc.
    Brent Wyrick
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      Originally posted by RedDog View Post
      OMG Leo! There is no reasoning with you - I am going out to cut the grass before my head explodes.
      do you say that because I don't take what you say to be true. Are you used to people just drinking up all you say and if they don't you are reduced to a personal attack saying I can't reason. That is silly and not what I expect from a reasoning adult. Here is a perspective from another old man. although he was a very successful football coach.

      Losers never know why they are losing. They will mention injuries, the officiating, the weather and bad breaks George Allen

      I have a pretty nice gym in my house. That is just one of the sayings I hung for my children's maturation. They have done quite well in athletics and in their professions. I think they got that message.


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        Do not get me wrong; all coaches have the right to implement whatever system they feel will generate wins. Brannen believes in offense. That is cool. You cannot win if you do not score the ball. On the other hand, if you cannot stop the other team from scoring, you will not win many. Brannen's system depends on playing fast because he believes in high possession games. In order for fast playing, quick shooting, high possession offensive systems to work, you got have three or four double-digit scorers in the line-up nightly. If you play fast and cannot score, you give the other team extra possessions to score. That is exactly what happened with Georgia and Houston. Of course when you include the turnovers and putting the other team on the foul line, you get losses. Let's not forget that Brannen LOST FIVE STRAIGHT GAMES this year. I have been following Cincinnati Basketball for over 25 years and I cannot ever remember another coach losing five straight games. I could be wrong (especially from 2006 to 2009). I am in agreement, you must give Brannen time to fully implement what he wants to do. Brannen had a pretty good first year because of the Cumberland boys and Trevon Scott. This year, the team has problems. In closing, there is a big difference between how you want to play and how you need to play in order to win. I am not sure if John Brannen understands that.


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          UC has got a tremendous basket ball legacy as has been pointed out. But it also has had its share of terrible teams as well. Huggins was brought in to change the culture that was prevelant in the eighties specifically.. Ed Bagder in 1981- 82 lost seven in a row in what I believe that was his second or third year. He was let go after just a couple years after when consistent winning by him couldnt be obtained. But He was given several years to prove that. Its been brought out that Brannens second year is anything but normal, and excuse or not its a valid one. I too am concerned with the lack of recruiting but for now for the most part Brannen is still relying on players Cronin recruited for his only source of experience leadership and by all indications last year and this, those players are being brought forward reluctantly. Lets given Brannen at least his deserved two more years and then evaluate him


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