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    Brent Wyrick
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      Originally posted by BearKatz View Post

      Unfortunately not enough... This was a Quick / Bad Hire and I stand in the minority on this one.... We pulled the trigger way too soon... Hopefully this will not last to much longer, and we can have this turned around by 2022.
      I certainly hope so. I was/still am disappointed with the hire.


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        Originally posted by Lobot View Post
        One thing I'll throw out there is that the defense is not what we are used to for sure. It's going to take some time to adjust to to a new world in that regard for the whole fan base. That relates somewhat to why Gabe Madsen has not seen the floor despite the offensive firepower. He apparently can't play a lick of defense at this point.

        I think we have a choice to be made here after watching this game against UCF. We can play small with 4 guards and Tari/JD when the opposing roster allows it. Put DDJ and Saunders out there at the same time. This lineup and Saunder's pace allowed us to climb back in it last night. Or, We can play Vogt and Rap at center and not run. They are too slow to play with any tempo.

        I'm not down on Vogt because I know he's putting in the work. I just think he's a bad match up with the opposing talent in this conference. Most of the guys he's playing against are way more athletic than he is. I honestly feel bad for him because you know he's frustrated as **** out there. I want to go back and watch the game again because Chris had one shot attempt last night. Why not more?

        Rap needs to find his offense. That's why we signed him. His defense is not great and if he's not doing intanglibles and rebounding you have to play Tari and live with the freshman mistakes.

        Tari needs to stay on the floor. We slow way down in pace when he's out because Vogt and Rap can't play with pace.

        Some positives:

        Despite the ever present foul issues, Keith had himself a game last night. 19 and 10 Double double.

        Zach Harvey had a breakout game with 15 pts. I think that had a lot to do with the pace of the second half. This is the Zach Harvey we've wanted to see.

        Saunders can play. This team is better offensively with Saunders on the floor pushing pace. He didn't score much last night but he was instrumental in leading the come back.

        I think Brannen will get this team turned around by the end of the year but we're going to take some lumps this season. This is going to be a transition year for sure.

        I think the person we're missing the most right now from last season is Mike Rehfeldt. I'm not even sure if we got these guys in the weight room over the summer with the strength and conditioning transition and Covid but we look thinner than normal and soft out there.

        I had forgotten about this and watching this it makes perfect sense. UC basketball going back to huggins regime has been our being the bullies, the thugs of any and all conference we found ourselves in. That identity has vanished so far and this pandemic could be the cause of this. I know there are some who have already questioning the hire of brannen and even calling for his release mostly because he came from the horizon conference but yet they are still championing van exel who hasnt coached as head man anywhere.


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          In my opinion it really doesn't matter where the coach or next coach had previously coached at, all that matters is that they style of play is some what appeasing to the fan base and then it turns into on court results.The reason Cincinnati has been so relevant the last 25 years is because of our defensive mentality and physicality. However I think all of us were willing to lose a little on the defensive side of the ball as long as our offense was more potent. The current condition of the program is not showing that either ate going to ever be elite. Then comes to recruiting, brannen has brought in some pretty decent talent for the amount of time that he has had to build relationships with recruits. Someone like nicky v that has had his case pleaded for the hc job, would definately in my opinion be better in the recruiting portion such as anfernee hardaway. I don't think its fair for anyone to say one way or the other that he would be not a great x and o coach, he has been in NBA and I believe has a decent amount of some type of coaching experience. I truly hope john does great and wins a national title here, I however just don't see it. There is no identity within his approach.and with us not being a power 5 our recruiting depending on coach will only be above average, someone like nick v would be the difference maker in the recruiting category. Coach was use to the conference tournament at nky Being his end all be all, meaning they had to win the tournament to make the NCAA tournament, at a school like UC, he has to be more efficient in the winning part early and often. We have been pretty much the head of our conference year end and year out and recruiting never dipped over pretty good, I can't see better recruits wanting to play when were not winning. I think it can be turned around but something had to give and not having an urgency to try and win games early and only peak during the conference tournament will only get us in the dance 50 percent of the time. Heres hoping coach and players can turn it around. Go bearcats


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            I'm certainly not happy with what I have seen thus far. However, when I try to be open minded, I can't help but look at year 4 of CJB. Saunders, Harvey, Maw, Davenport, and Eason are a stellar nucleus of Jr.'s and Sr.'s (assuming they are all here)....time will tell, but if you mix them in with a solid '22 class (McMillian, Mahaffrey, Gunn perhaps?) then we might looking back to right now as a vast overreaction to "The Process"...I'm having a hard time adjusting to being the punching bag for the first time in a looooooong time. I'm disappointed but hopeful. Maybe I've just had too much eggnog.
            Cory Huffman
            Cin City


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              I too am frustrated at the start to this year, and there are some causes for concern. But a couple concepts on this thread are a little extreme.

              1) I don’t understand the thought of “Brannen only coached in the Horizon league, therefore he’s not qualified for UC” as some have said. Ummm....what? Huggins came from Akron (Ohio Valley and then Independent at the time). And Cronin came from Murray State (Ohio Valley). Furthermore, Brannen did also coached at Alabama as an assistant.

              2) I get that our identity has been toughness and d for the past 30 years. And I liked that identity as well. However, the game has changed. Look at the’s soft and mostly offense minded. You want talent to come here, gotta lean into that. Also look at teams that are consistently good now...Nova for example...all about scoring. Yes, we should be playing tougher and better D than these first 7 games...but I do think this change to an offensive mindset is the right strategy. Coach deserves to get his players into year 3 or 4.


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