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Lipscomb 12/2 5:00 ESPN+

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    The truth is that I heard that Vogt covered their best player. That may be so, but would he start for Houston or memphis or some other AAC schools.


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      Originally posted by GangstaTakester View Post

      Love your summary. Lots of potential, but they could not hit a shot from the outside and the offense looked like the Mick Cronin special. I would be interested to know how many times the shot clock got in single digits and we tossed it around the outside. I think we are going to have an extremely rough first half of the season. We looked young and the older players did not step. Keith looked awful and we really miss Scott. I think we will be playing well by the end of the season. I saw more talent on the court than I've seen in a while, but it was rough. I'd be surprised if they could fix enough by Sunday to win.
      We didn't really shoot the ball that badly overall at 45%. They were 33% from 3 for the second half after the slow start. I wouldn't read to much into the first half of bball they played all year. They had good shots which in the end is why they won the game. It's way to early and to small a sample to declare their offense broken. I think the bigger issue is determining when and whom should shoot. I saw guys turn some things down early that they should take. However, that will come with more experience playing together. I can count on one hand the teams i've watched on tv so far who's offense looks good. A lot of similar problems going around. We're not going to be playing a lot of teams who are also hitting their stride offensively. LIpscomb hit zero 3'd in the second half after shooting 60% in the first half. It happens.
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        Everyone who was healthy got some time on the floor. No one else got hurt. They won the game while playing under duress, with arguably the best player sitting with foul trouble. Poor outside shooting in a half (or even a whole game) doesn't mean a team is playing poorly. The Cats hit 24 of their 40 attempts inside the arc. That and harrassing Lipscomb into 19 turnovers won the game.

        The Cats did struggle with breaking down the zone, particularly in the first half, for which Brannen took responsibility. However, I saw both of Lipscomb's prior games and they didn't show zone. They were strictly man-to-man. The game planning had to be based on the limited information that the coaches had on the Bisons. It's early yet and I doubt that any teams have fully implemented their offensive schemes.

        Time to move along to a more important opponent.


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