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  • Originally posted by GoBearcats31 View Post
    I haven't kept up this year, but I believe there will be a radio show tonight at 8 p.m. I would be very interested to hear CJB's comments today.
    The early portions of the show tonight were spent in a short recap of the blowout at UH. Basically, CJB knew it was going to be tough to play a very experienced, tough-minded team that should go deep into the tourney. He felt that the Cats were playing well, up to the point at which the Cougars got started. The young team didn't know how to respond, because they've not faced this kind of adversity before.

    Most of tyhe rest of the show was spent discussing going forward and his confidence that this group of players will grow, but they need a full preseason to learn the system fully.


    • Just curious how learning the system is going to help. IMHO we don't have enough raw firepower to run the type of offensive system that he wants. My definition of raw firepower is to shoot 2's, 3's and ft's at a reasonable percentage. And since he wants to emphasize offensive over defense, we are prone to being blown out of the building by teams that can shoot well.


      • Hoping this will get some views in this thread.

        Really good article on Vogt, the team and Covid from Keith Jenkins.
        Brent Wyrick
        92 Final Four Front Row


        • Since everyone was in a panic Sunday and earlier this week (including people -- some of them fairly influential on social media though not true "media" members -- irresponsibly throwing out names of potential transfers) here is a nice tweet from Tari last night to start your Friday/weekend:

          Cinci!!!! I love y’all (heart emoji, animal paw emojis)


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