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S M U 1/28 7:00 ESPNews

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    Originally posted by Lobot View Post
    That was something last night. Never trailed during the game. Kept their 2 top scores to a total of 7 points and the top scorer scoreless for the entire game. As fun as the offense was last night, the defense won that game. Nice to see both the offense and defense come together at once and also nice to see them play a pretty solid 40 minutes. That went extremely well last night considering it was a subpar night for Vogt and Scott offensively.

    Here's the box:
    Don't leave out Jaevin and 1/9 from the field. It's a game we likely lose a month ago. Everyone was hot to trot to dump on the coaching, et. al, but you cannot underestimate JC's impact on the game and the other players. In hind sight i wish they had sat him for the month of November to heal up and get in shape, but that's his call. He still could have banged up the hip and it would have been all for not. Here's to hoping he stays healthy rest of the season. He did go off with the foot again last night but returned.


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