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  • What If Article from the Athletic

    Justin WIlliams has an article up on the what if's of UC Basketball. His timeline focus is Huggins era to present ($) I'm not going to steal Justin's stuff but these are the things convered in the article for those who can't read it.

    What if the Michigan basketball scandal had broken sooner?

    What if O.J. Mayo and Bill Walker had gone to UC?

    What if UC had hired Andy Kennedy?

    What if the 2011 Crosstown Shootout brawl never happened?

    What if the Bearcats had beaten Nevada?

    Obviously Kenyon breaking his leg was going to be the huge one but that was covereed in another article on it's own previously.

    The ones that bug me are the one Justin lists first above and two Xavier items.

    What if the Refs get the call right on the ball that supposedly bounced off of Lou Banks at the Gardens?

    What if Charles Williams doesn't dribble the ball off his foot in the closing seconds at 5/3.

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    What if Lenny Brown's shot doesn't fall?
    Kevin Frey who?
    Tu Holloway who?
    Trevon Bluiett...seriously???

    And most importantly... What if suddenly Xavier girls were no longer ugly?


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      What if Dontonio/Dermarr stayed at least one more year?

      What if Satterfield stayed at least two more years?

      What if Bob had his heart attack further away from the defibrillator when he was in Pittsburgh Airport?

      What Art Long didn't punch the horse?

      What if Mick hired an associate head coach and handed him the offense?

      What if the half court shots rimmed out, Arizona or West Virginia?

      What if we didn't collapse in second half after taking a 19 point lead against Judd Heathcoat's team?

      Lots of heartbreak moments as Bearcat fans...sad face. Great things to come with Brannen!!
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        You can sign up for The Athletic and get a couple free articles a month.

        I read the Kenyon article and it stated that Pete Mickeal was the only one who didn't visit Kenyon in the hospital and hasn't really spoken to him since. Does anyone know the backstory? I had no idea...
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          I think the biggest "what-if" (besides Kenyon) was what would have happened if Zimp never came to UC. Would Huggins still be coaching at UC?

          The article was just the last 30 years, but another "what-if" could be if the referee didn't start counting when Oscar was shooting free throws and sped him up. I wasn't alive yet, so do not know all of the details.
          Former KMart Ball Boy


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