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  • Brannen Coaching Style

    Now that the roster is filled, it's time to see just how the Brannen teams will compete on the court.

    From Alex Meacham Twitter

    "UC hoops practice was intense today! All DEFENSE! I don’t think they took one shot. Brannen was doing a ton of teaching. Every detail was important. It was impressive."

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    Yea, i read his twiiter as well as he often has some interesting things if you can get thru all the volume. I liked the comment he posted about being in elite shape if you want to play a pro style offense. LInk:


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      From Terry Nelson's Twitter:

      "Watching @GoBearcatsMBB individual workouts today is like watching a mechanic take out a Cadillac engine and inserting a Ferrari engine. More sprinting than we are used to."
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        There's a link to Mo Egger's podcast/Interview with Coach Brannen in the Rothstein thread but one of the things that intrigued me was the one coach he mentioned he talked to was John Beilien. I'm not an expert on Brannen/NKU's offense quite yet but I already had in my head that it's similiar to Beilein's .
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          Quote from Coach Brannen:

          “If I had to draw a guy for our style of play? It’d be Keith Williams.”
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            It looks like Terry Nelson is impressed by what he's seen.

            From his twitter

            "Bearcats 2019-20 In A Nutshell:

            1. Much more free flowing offensively.🤟🏾

            2. Fans will love the new style of play!!🙌🏾

            3. 40 min of organized chaos 🤯

            4. Attack! Attack! Attack! ⛹🏽*♂️

            5. This team will win your ❤️ with their effort 👏🏽


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