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NBA Talent Needed to Win NCAA Title

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  • NBA Talent Needed to Win NCAA Title

    Here's a good article from The Athletic (premium site) that demonstrates the necessity of having NBA talent to win the NCAA title. What the article doesn't address is how many of the players listed became NBA draftees because of the attention they attracted through their tourney performances.
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    I posted a pay free version of this on the coaching carousel topic last week.
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      These articles are a different twist on the McDonald's All-America thing. I can't remember or find the stat right now but I'm not sure anyone has won an NCAA championship in the MCD AA era without at least one on the team. UVA has Kyle Guy. I checked and didn't see anyone from Texas Tech on the list.
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        Pitino was being interviewed probably 7-10yrs back....and he said, you have to have at least 2-3 NBA Players, and 1 Fringe Player in order to win a national championship... Very true..


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