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    After watching the Team play in the Emerald Coast Classic... I have to shake my head and wonder what Mick is thinking (Offensively).

    Cumberland - As expected, most talented player on the team, will lead them in scoring.
    Broome - Same as above , will probably end up being teams second highest scorer .... Still plays out of control at times.
    Williams - Good ball handling skills and moves well.... Decent outside shot... reminds me a lot past Bearcats driving to the basket, plays out of control.... So far, not a major improvement from last year..
    Brooks - Best inside player we have .... Has shown major improvement so far from last year .... Seems to handle the ball better this year...
    Jenifer - I don't see any difference in his play from last year.... I do NOT understand why Mick starts Justin every game... Only to substitute him within the first (5) minutes, and plays sparingly the remainder of the game.
    Scott - So far, I do not see much improvement from last year...Can be a capable scorer and good rebounder at times... Had a decent game last night, missed too many FT's.

    Johnson - By far, UC's most talented PG since Devan Downey .... You can see it in Logan's passing and ball handling skills, also had a few nice drives to the rim... Obviously needs to bulk up, and will in time... My question, do you take your lumps early and start Johnson over Jenifer now... Logan will make Freshman mistakes, but could be really good come February... He's the PG of the future, so why not start now... Broome and Cumberland are more productive playing off the ball...
    Fredericks - Looks like a rawer version of Cumberland with slightly better height.... I felt he took the game over against George Mason, the last part of the 2nd half... He deserves a lot more playing time, UC will need his scoring ability down the road.
    Moore - Total backwards step from last year, looks like a Division 2 QB trying to play Division 1 Basketball.... I would not be surprised to see Moore transfer...
    Nsoseme - To early to tell on how much Eliel has improved ... Appears to be a solid Inside role player off the bench for now.

    Diarra - I shake my head the most on this one.... Red Shirted last year... Coming out of H.S. he was touted by many services as a big man with Offensive Skills... Runs the floor like a deer, but has played sparingly through (7) games so far.... Mick's thinking, can't play defense so he sits.... That's great, but when we need a scorer, he still sits.. Ohio State game for example ... He's never going to improve if Mick is not willing to give Diarra some opportunities....

    I wouldn't mind seeing Cumberland , Johnson , Brooks , Fredericks , & Broome start a few games... For what it's worth!

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    Cumberland is our best player because he and Mick think he is. Drives me crazy with 3 lazy turnovers every game, 5 bad shots every game. He is no where near the skilled player we give him credit for, but hes probably the best we have because hes confident. I like his defense and rebounding but he will disappear against good defensive teams.
    I like Jennifer but he slows us down. This team will NOT be successful if we rely on Micks 1/2 court offense - needs to run much more and score in transition. Several more guys like Williams and Fredericks will flourish if we do but be of minimal value 1/2 court. Brooks is coming but we need him to step up quickly and consistently. Tre just can't seem to make the step but has a great body and wingspan. Hope he figures it out soon.
    Broome is very inconsistent and prone to turnovers, but probably the key component.
    There are a LOT of questions still unresolved with this team. They are very difficult to watch at this point and being saved by a terribly weak schedule. As stated many times before, Mick would really benefit from a good offensive (1/2 court) coach because that's his personal weakness.
    The jury is still out. I am hopeful but very concerned. We should know by the first of the year as we have several quality opponents in the next few weeks.


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      Like hearing the thoughts and how they align with how I think and different perspectives.


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        Why Jenifer has played: 19 assists and just TWO turnovers in 120 minutes

        Biggest surprise/concern for me has been Trevor Moore. Was expecting him to really progress this year.


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          Moore was supposed to be Micks best ever shooter but couldn't throw it in the ocean last year. Hes a good and active enough defender and should be a zone buster if we recruited him correctly. Not sure why he has fallen out of favor. Case #120 of how Mick recruits a skill, then gets in their head and tries to change them into something they're not. How else do you explain coming in a great shooter then all of a sudden can't shoot or hit the floor for a team desperate for offense???


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            I kind of wonder if Moore might not be hurt. He's played very sporadically and has been ineffective. He seems to have dropped off to much.


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              good point. That would explain some things but I haven't heard anything to that effect.


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                Understood why Mick starts Jenifer, doesn't make too many mistakes, handles the ball fairly well... My problem, Justin does not push the ball up the floor and he's not really a threat ever taking it to the basket... Broome plays out of control at times... It's a waste to have Cumberland take the ball up the court.... I would like Johnson to have a few more opportunities.... Trevor Moore, I believe he played a few minutes against George Mason, scrambled for the ball once on the floor... Does not appear to be hurting.... Trevor simply looks out of place since midway through last season...


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                  Justin Williams (beat writer for the Athletic) had some interesting insight about Moore. In the comments section of his recap on the Emerald Coast Classic, he was asked if he thought Moore was frustrated that Williams passed him up. He responded that he thinks Moore will be OK, he brings a lot of positive energy & he expects to see Moore get a more minutes on Tuesday.



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                    I think that we need to take into consideration that this team is a work in progress. There a several pieces different from last year's team that was senior-led. The Cats have some of the same players who hit the floor for significant minutes, but not always in the same capacities.

                    Jarron Cumberland has been called upon to take a verbal leadership role, on top of being expected to score. That's new for him. It's going to take an adjustment period.

                    Nysier Brooks now must play for longer stretches than at anytime in his time here, contribute offensively and defend without fouling. He actually is not a candidate for a Hack-a-Shaq attack. While he has limited shooting range, he's a decent free throw shooter, unlike the other bigs, particularly Eliel Nsoseme. Also, he understands his role and doesn't try to jack up wild shots.

                    Trevon Scott is a good defender at multiple positions, but needs to finish better around the rim. He also needs to relax at the line.

                    Trevor Moore needs to start knocking down open shots or he may find his minutes diminishing. Moore really is supposed to be Cumberland's primary backup, but he may find himself losing time to a developing Rashawn Fredericks, who while not a guard, can fill in nicely in a multi-wing combo.

                    Cane Broome was invisible in the opener, but has settled back in. He's been much more assertive since then, and is deadly at the line, which will come in handy since he loves to penetrate.

                    Justin Jenifer is just plain solid. Good defender, excellent ball handler and much improved as a shooter since his early years. Seldom does he make an egregious error. He's not flashy, but he hustles.

                    Logan Johnson is the crowd favorite because he's quick and uses it in conjunction with playing in-your-face defense. Unfortunately, Johnson is a poor shooter at this point of his career. We'll have to live with some freshman errors, such as the key turnover Saturday night when he looped a lazy pass that went for a score at the other end.

                    This team doesn't have the developed weapons of last season's version, but they have potential. Enjoy watching them develop. I believe the Cats will have no trouble making the Dance again.


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                      The biggest problem with this team is the way that Mick coaches. Cursing out players and coaches. Never affirming or encouraging. Mick doesn’t listen to his assistants, he belittles them. He’s been a head coach for almost 20years and there is zero coaching tree. That speaks volumes.

                      A program insider tells me Diarra is an absolute freak. He does things in practice that are consistently jaw dropping. The one game he got minutes, he had 6 rebounds (two offensive), and assists and a steal to go with two points in 12 minutes. Nsoseme is a bum. Not a high major player.

                      Cumberland has no work ethic. He just shows up for games ready to shoot. He thinks he’s going pro after this year. Brooks is greatly improved. He’s going to be a really good college player. Scott is a really unique athlete. He and Brooks will end up being Mick’s best defensive front court. I really like Williams. Athleticism off the charts with an evolving skill set. This is an inexperienced but talented group. Look for them to be about 24-7 or 23-8. The streak goes to 9 but they won’t make it out of the first weekend unless Williams or Broome becomes a 15ppg scorer. Brooks is really underrated. He could end up carrying us.
                      Coach Cronin get well soon!


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                        If Mick belittles his coaches and players, why don't they jump ship? His assistants serve long-term. His players don't transfer. If they felt abused, they'd leave in droves.


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                          I can’t answer that. Abused wives don’t leave either. Just watch him, he doesn’t hide this behavior.
                          Coach Cronin get well soon!


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                            I tend to agree. I have always found it hard to rationalize Micks rotations and minutes distribution. I have heard much the same things about Diarra and Cumberland. I have been pretty hard on Cumberland I admit, but I think he plays for the name on the back more so than the name on the front. He is a bull but not near the athlete of some of the guys and overrated because he is being pushed to the front of the class. I too would like to see a little encouragement, an occasional smile, or some indication that somebody is having a little fun and being recognized. The fact that no one (or not many) leave, is an indication that guys who come here do so because they know they need the whip cracked hard to maximize their efforts. It also is why we don't get a ton of talent that already have developed games, are self motivated, and don't respond to the tyranny approach. Those quality players wind up at established blue chip programs rather than Micks boot camp.


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                              my goodness there are some heavy accusations getting thrown around here after only a few games from an inexperienced team.


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