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  • Open Scholly?

    I'm guessing we eat the scholarship that Evans frees up. Anyone hearing anything different? Not sure many grad transfers left out there.

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    Its getting pretty late in the process. The only thing that probably makes any sense is a grad transfer as you say. Not sure if any of the ones discussed earlier are still available A couple of those guys were excellent shooters and could help us. No sense taking someone for 1 year who is not a definite upgrade in some area, or any more projects. Our classes are only slightly unbalanced with only 2 seniors and 2 frosh. We can address that going forward and certainly survive next year with 12. So I'm thinking you are right that we are done unless Mr. Right falls in our lap.


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      Certainly looks that way. I think we've filled or needs in the upcoming class. Unless there's a 5 star center out there that lands here, I don't see any glaring needs. The guys out there that are uncommitted and have interest in us are Centers and don't have offers from us. That doesn't mean we'll eat it for sure. Might fall into a Lance situation and hook something big but to my knowledge nothing like that is happeniing.

      I don't ever see us taking a grad transfer under Mick becaase of the system he runs. Takes a year to get both ends of the floor and most of the grad transfers are offense only guys. The grad transfer thing won't matter to much longer IMO. NCAA's looking at a model where a grad transfer would eat up a scholly for entire length of the grad program and not just a fifth year.
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