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NBA age rule change coming

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  • NBA age rule change coming

    Adam SIlver was qouted this week saying that the One-and-Done rule would effectively be dismantled as soon as they come to terms with the Players Union on details. The rule would change from one year out of high school or 19, down to 18 with no post HS year required.

    This would create a domino effect in recruiting for colleges. The 5 star guys would likely jump directly to the NBA or G-League and skip college all together. This would mean portions of the Top 100 player rankings would not actually be available to colleges for incoming classes. It creates a sliding scale of the talent pool level for NCAA basketball. Could be good for parity and end the reign in recruiting of UK and Duke at least somewhat because they'd have to adjust their recruiting strategy significantly. UC on the other is all about program fit and team and not so much about patching together unwieldy amounts of high level talent that can't coexist well on the floor like a UK does.

    You can pretty much thank Thon Maker's college bypass and Darius Bazley's direct skip to the G-league for this change, IMO.
    Brent Wyrick
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