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    I can't find any info on Jordan Thompson. A friend saw her over a month ago at a match in KY on the sideline with her arm wrapped. He said it looked serious. She has not played when I checked the box scores and was wondering if she is injured and out for the year. Their record would be very different if she was playing.

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    I know she's injured but I'm not sure what the injury is becuase I don't believe the university has ever said anything about it for privacy reasons. I think it happened during the USA Volleyball tour in Asia that she was on but I could be wrong. And you're correct, she hasn't played all year.
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      Thanks for the info. Can she redshirt? She is an elite player and a joy to watch


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        I guess the privacy issue is right, but it was weird that the VB articles kept mentioning her in the "Lots Returning" section of the match previews as late as September 13 but then never mentioned anything about her afterwards.

        I'm sure she could take a medical RS if she wants it, but the VB players are generally in the upper ranks of GPA in the Athletic Dept., so unless she's going for a Master Degree I'm not sure that she'd use it.

        Whatever, I wish her well (and wellness), and as always, Go Cats!


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