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Red & Black Open Scrimmage

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  • Red & Black Open Scrimmage

    The scrimmmage will be held at Princeton HS. It's free, sponsored and they will be accepting donations for Coaches Vs. Cancer here:

    The gym at Viking Village seats 2500 so get there early.

    Personal Note: My family has also been afftected by cancer somewhat recently. If you enjoy what I do here, I'd appreciate a donation to link above. If you donate $25 or more, I'll send you tickets for a game (Not OSU or X). You do not have to be a member of the board to do this. Just screenshot the donation receipt (without the credit card number in it) and Message me here or on Twitter or FB or Instagram at the @ in my signature and I'll make it work until I run out of tickets.

    Extra credit for anyone who can find my name on the donation bricks at PHS. I'm class of '87

    Brent Wyrick
    92 Final Four Front Row

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    How thoughtful! Done!
    Former KMart Ball Boy

    "Graduation is the key, period. I am on a mission to stop the exploitive nature of college athletics. We must make sure our kids graduate and have opportunities to have productive and happy lives." -MC


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