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Look who Mick has beaten..

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  • Look who Mick has beaten..

    "Mitchell for 3.. and it's a NINETEEN point lead for Cincinnati... Uh oh, you see Mike, the eyes are spinning.." (Final score UC 77, Duke 75)

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    Oh... ok.... I see your point. Thanks for this FYI...

    Anyway... remember Mick said UC could have won the NCAA championship in 2011 if UC beat UConn in the 2nd round of the tourney. I see UC is winning at this time. Let's beat tO$U!!!!! So that Mick will have beaten Thad Matta one time. Then beaten Boehmer 3 times after beating Syracuse in the Elite Eight regional champ game. Then beaten Roy 1 time after beating UNC on the Final Four game. Then beaten Calipari 1 time after winning the national champ!!!!
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    I bleed red and black!!!!


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